Maryland Veteran and Military Affairs Attorney Dondi West

As a former U.S. Naval Officer, Attorney Dondi West is dedicated to the needs of Maryland's Veterans and Military Professionals. We would be honored to assist you with:

Military Divorces 
Divorces involving active duty military, reserve or guard, or retired military service members require a special knowledge of laws not applicable to civilian divorces. For example, military divorces can differ when it comes to domicile or residence requirements for filing, obtaining service upon an active duty spouse, compliance with military rules and regulations, and the the division of military retirement pay.

Security Clearance Issues 
If you have had your security clearance denied or revoked, Dondi West can help you understand your rights and assist you with the appeals process. In addition, Attorney Dondi West can advise you on other clearance issues such as completing the SF-86 Questionnaire or properly disclosing potentially adverse information.

Veterans Disability and Compensation
If your VA disability claim has been denied, or if you are having difficulty filing a claim, Dondi West can assist you with the intimidating process of communicating with the Department of Veteran Affairs. A fairly recent federal law now allows veterans to hire a lawyer earlier in the VA claim process.  We know many of our former service members are disabled due to illness, injury or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and are having a hard time getting the benefits they deserve.  Dondi West would be honored to speak with you about your issue.  

Military Matters
Dondi West can also help with other issues such as:
  • Court Martial, Discharge, and Non-judicial Punishment Proceedings
  • Independent representation in Administrative Proceedings
  • Delay and Exemption Requests for Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Mobilization
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