Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fort Meade Alliance Information

The Fort Meade Alliance’s mission is to support and promote Fort George G. Meade (FGGM) as an economic asset and resource to the region. We play a critical role as a leader in the community, championing and facilitating Fort Meade regional initiatives to remain the first choice for military services, civilian support services and federal departments and agencies. Our frequent interaction with FGGM leadership, the more than 95 government agencies and organizations on Fort Meade and elected government officials demonstrates the Alliance’s strength.

As an independent community membership organization, we have a key responsibility to provide any assistance that we can to support the Installation priorities, its service personnel and their families, assist the Fort Meade government agencies and organizations with their priorities and needs, facilitate the industry base and communities surrounding Fort Meade, participate actively in the Fort Meade region and focus on what’s next for Fort Meade.

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